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Meet Our Team


Iola Nguyen
CEO & Founder

Iola Nguyen is a multi-award-winning artist (actress, writer, producer, director, songwriter). She was born in Phuoc Long, Vietnam, and was adopted into a French family. She grew up in Pyrén&ea

Stuart Dabb

An entrepreneurial hands on and can do finance director who brings 17 years finance experience starting in KPMG. Proficient in all aspects of finance built on strong technical foundations, cashflow, a

Alpesh Kumar

An experienced AI Engineer with a leadership expertise in the technology sector, he is distinguished by his expertise in Generative AI, including proficiency with LLM and RAG technologies. His strong

Elisa Messi
Graphic and Fashion Designer

With a First-Class Fashion Design degree from the University of East London, Elisa has completed several internships within the fashion industry, honing her eye for detail while assisting in the produ

Gene Fallaize
Film Director/Screenwriter/Producer

Gene Fallaize is a British film Director, and owner of production company Cupsogue Pictures.Gene was born in Kettering, England, on November 16 1984, and moved to the Island of Guernsey in the English

David Wyatt

David Wyatt is a London-based Director of Photography with a wide range of experience filming commercials, brand films, music videos, tv dramas (Shameless, Save Our Squad with David Beckham) and featu

Joao Correia
Sound Recordist

Joao Correia is a highly experienced sound recordist based in London with over a decade of prolific work in the industry. He specializes in capturing and recording sound for a diverse range of project

Annarie Boor
Acting Mentor, Talent Manager & Career Coach

Annarie is a talent manager with Tapping Frog Management. She has coached actors to award winning performances through her connection with the “Mentor Through Film” initiative, in partners

Ting Chiu
Marketing Manager & Mentor

Digital marketer in the tech, media and entertainment industry.Solution-oriented and problem solver with 6 years of experience building and developing start-up businesses through marketing strategy. W

Xin Jing

Xin has more than 10 years of experience as a lawyer. She provides legal support and advice to international media businesses across various regions and platforms, specialising in contract execution,

Valeria Hamlin
Dance Coach/Choregrapher

Valeria has 10+ years of experience as a Dance Coach and has a Bachelor in Choreography & Creative Organization. She was one of the practitioners of the “Step Into Dance“ Royal Academy

Flavio Carlotti
Music & Singing Coach/Film Composer

Flavio is a musician and producer. He has a BA in composition obtained in Italy and a Master's degree obtained in Paris which completes his musical training in both classical and electronic music and

Clinton Grizzle
Senior Illustrator/Animator

Clinton Grizzle is a seasoned Senior Digital Artist specializing in Character Art, boasting over 20 years of professional experience. Clinton's career got started when a Los Angeles California b

Bella Gao
Senior Game Developer

Extensive experience spanning over 7 years in game development, utilizing Unreal Engine 4, Unreal Engine 5, and Unity3D. Proficient in programming languages such as C#, C++, and Blueprint. Additionall

Sebastian Whitehead
Music Coach & Producer

20 years of making music. 2013 to 2016, He embarked on an exciting chapter, signing with an Atlanta-based management company alongside his music partner and co-writer, Kim Chuah. Together, they pitche

Kim Chuah
Music Coach & Producer

Kim is a multi-talented pop singer, songwriter, and producer hailing from West Yorkshire, UK. His musical repertoire spans a diverse range of genres including pop, synth-pop, pop-rock, pop-punk, rock,

Priya Giga
Producer & Mentor

With over eight years of experience in scripted series and film. Most recently at Netflix, where she contributes to the development and maintenance of the EMEA Adult Animation comedy slate. My role in


Rafael Quetelard
CEO & Founder, Between

Cultural and Sports Project.Fundraising & Sponsorship.